The Lenten Season

Wednesday, February 26, 2020, thru Saturday, April 11, 2020

Hush and Fast

From Pressures To Prayerfulness

Shared by Pastor Victoria Parker Mothershed

This Lenten season, as pastor of Bethel AME church in North Omaha, I am trying something new. Rather than fasting from the norm, dull things that we fast from during this season and then rush back too when the forty days are over, I am trying to have a holy hush fast. I encourage you to try this. From the Holy Hush 2020 pamphlet, written by AMEC Pastor, Leslie R. White, when quoting Pope Francis, “…let’s fast from hurting words and say kind words, fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude, fast from anger and be filled with patience, fast from worries and have trust in God.” This kind of fast reminds me that Jesus still calms storms. He told the winds and waves to be “quiet—hush”. The winds and waves obeyed the voice of their Creator God. Will we obey the voice of God our creator? (Matt. 8: 23-27 NIV).

Jesus still calms the storms. Jesus says to the pandemics in our lives, “Hush”! Jesus says, to the doctor’s report that declares, “we have done all that we can do; Jesus says to the lost job, to the rebellious, to the wayward child, to the unjust judge and court room decision, unfair prison sentence, the loss of home, to the pain and suffering of mental illness, the panic and anxiety attacks, to addictions and idols of all kinds, broken relationships, Jesus says, “Hush!”

In the light of the global and national emergency of our nation, a Lenten spiritual posture that I am trying to adopt, and maybe you want to join me as spiritual leaders, is to silence, hush, and quiet our racing heart beats. Hush! Pope Paul urges us to “…fast from pressures and be prayerful.”

Let’s try to hush and fast from the pressures of life to being more focused, conscious of God, His Word and prayer! Will we obey God like the winds and the waves? Will we?

The hymn writer wrote that it is the, “Sweet hour of prayer That calls [us] from a world of care, And bids [us] at [our] Father’s throne Make all [our] wants and wishes known; In seasons of distress and grief, [ours souls have] often found relief, And oft escaped the tempter’s snare, By thy return, sweet hour of prayer!”

Hush and fast from the pressures to prayerfulness!

Copyright 2020 by Chaplain Lonzie Symonette, Board Certified Chaplain APC, Associate Minister Payne Chapel AMEC, WIM 5th Dist.

Lenten Meditations Hush and Fast From Pressures To Prayerfulness, Rights reserved except for brief  quotations in critical review or articles with permission.

What Is Bethel Doing?


Some Bethel members are ridding their closets of 1 article of clothing every day through the Lenten

Season.  At the end, all articles will be donated to the Lydia House and Open Door Mission.

Note:  Unfortunately, we may not be able to fulfill this community service activity, because of covid-19.

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